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Pool Maintenance Tips

pool algae
Algae in a pool is caused by rain, wind, and fill water. If a pool is not checked for algae, it will not be able to be used because it will have clogged filters, a bad water flow, and the pool chemicals will not be as effective. If a pool owner needs to get rid of algae right away, there are some algaecides that quickly get rid of all types of algae and stop them from coming back. Others just get rid of and prevent green algae, which is the most common type of pool algae. The last step in swimming pool remodeling Gilbert is to clean the pool. On a daily basis, the pool needs to be skimmed to get rid of debris and all skimmer baskets need to be cleaned to get rid of the debris. Every week, the water needs to be tested and the walls and floors need to be cleaned. When cleaning the walls and floors, the cleaners, brushes, and vacuums that are used need to be the ones recommended by the pool manufacturer. The shallow end needs to be cleaned first and then the deep end. To make sure every area is adequately covered, overlap every stroke when brushing and vacuuming the pool. To make this process go faster, brush the pool walls for ten minutes every day. After the pool is cleaned and before using it, hose it down. Keep the spray away from the pool so dirt will not get into the pool. There are also ways to troubleshoot pool problems.

pool algaeFrom algae affliction to stain agitation, there are problems that can be troubleshooted in a pool. Algae affliction is the most common issue in a pool. Algae takes over the pool and the surface of the pool is green. The solution is to shock the pool with three times the amount of shock that is normally used and to use an algaecide as well. A pool filter gets clogged when it is doing its job properly. When it is clogged, it is should be cleaned out and at least once a year it should be cleaned with chemicals to make sure the pool lasts longer. White foam on the surface of the pool is caused by the use of a bad algaecide. To fix this issue, purchase an anti-foam agent and an algaecide from a reputable pool dealer. Too many minerals in a pool can be dealt with by purchasing a chemical from a pool supply store that gets rid of the mineral that is in the pool. If the water is murky, it is caused by a combination of improper pH and rain. Testing a water’s pH level and making the right adjustments will help this problem. Stain agitation can have an organic cause or can be caused by high levels of minerals. Put some pH decreaser in a sock and rub it on the stain and notate it if it works. If it does not work, put a chlorine stick in the sock instead. Then take the results of the test to a professional. It needs to be done right away because it may not be possible to get rid of the stain. The longer it goes untreated, the harder it will be to get rid of.

Using these pool maintenance tips and troubleshooting ideas, will help any pool owner maintain and keep their pool working for a long time. Not only will it preserve a pool, it will keep the pool clean and free from stuff that should never be in a pool. While preserving the pool, it will also make the pool a fun and pleasant place for people to play and relax in for many perfect days to come.

Pools & Pool Maintenance

clean pools
Growing up pools were round or rectangle and having a slide or a diving board was a big deal. Today pools are such a personal choice and come in a vast array of shapes, sizes, designs, landscaping, fencing, and add-ons. The list can go on and on. Pool designers can help to make a pool fit into almost any space and assist future pool owners in creating the dream spot.

Some spots like uneven backyards use to cause people to either bulldoze the entire thing or give up on the idea of a pool are now just a change of the type of pool you can get. There are pools that can go half in the ground and half above the ground, causing the problem of uneven yards to be a thing of the past. There is even the option to design your own shape and have it poured in concrete to your specifications. You could even pour a pool that surrounds your house like a moat if you have very forgiving neighbors and don’t ever plan on moving. All kidding aside, pool design has advanced tremendously and the imaginations of pool owners will continue to advance this art.

A pool is one of those places that brings family and friends together and finding the perfect add-on’s for your pool can add hours of enjoyment. A lot of pool owners love to swim at night and find that incorporating lighting is one of those add-ons that are necessary. Pool lighting can be colorful, bright, or just add a little romantic ambience. Again, the choices are endless and up to your personal preference.

pool cleaningDepending on where in the country your pool is being built, a pool heater is another add-on that can add a lot of time to your enjoyment. Heating a pool doesn’t have to be expensive with solar pool heating choices. The sun can be your friend if you live in a region that has cooler but bright spring weather.

So now we have to talk about the fun add-on’s to a pool, like a water slide or diving board. Maybe listening to a waterfall is how you always envisioned floating around your pool. It’s all possible and it’s amazing what can be done to make your pool the vacation spot you don’t have to travel far to. No matter what you chose for your pool none of it will be much fun if you don’t find the right place to take care of your pool.