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Pools and Pool Maintenance

Keeping a pool clean and at the right levels of ph and chlorine or salt water is imperative. The chemistry of a pool is a tricky thing and finding a company that has experience and knowledge of how to manage this will keep you swimming more than waiting for your levels to be correct. There are several reasons why a pools chemistry can be off. When a lot of friends and families are over swimming, things like suntan lotions, hair products, and let’s just say “other” things will throw off the chemistry and leave your pool in need of a good cleaning. Heavy rain is also known to throw off the ph in a pool.

Good circulation happens when you have the proper pump for your pool and that it is functioning at 100%. Keep in mind that maintenance and upkeep will make the pool experience much more enjoyable. Pools are a responsibility and taking the time to take care of it will only increase the hours of recreation, exercise, and even relaxation.